General Questions

What does it mean to be a "modern witch"?

You often see me talking about "modern witch". But in reality, what does that mean? 🧐

1️⃣ The witch in the collective imagination 🧙🏻‍♀️

There is still mostly this image of the witch who goes into the woods at night to perform her rituals with her coven, all hand in hand in the shape of a circle, a wood fire in the middle, chanting things in Latin.
Or it's the Machiavellian witch from the Disney movies: old lady, pointed hat, crooked nose, large black cape, magic wand...
Or, the wizards of Harry Potter…

👉🏻 The thing is, witchcraft is like everything: it evolves over time and it adapts to new ways of life.

2️⃣ The vision of the "modern witch" ✨

The modern witch knows how to take the good of old traditions and adapt it to her lifestyle filled with technology and new ideals.
She uses her smartphone to read cards, to scan any plant or crystal, to follow the phases of the Moon.
She is not necessarily a believer and does not necessarily worship deities. She also practices more alone than in a coven, since she uses witchcraft for her personal development.

The modern witch is quite simply a woman in tune with herself, with her intuition, her spirituality, her place in the world; who takes responsibility, who is aware of her power and has confidence in her ability to attract good things and repel bad ones! 🙏🏻

At Ma Box Ensorcelée, we tell stereotypes and clichés about witchcraft where to get off 💨

I don't consider myself a "witch", can I still order?

Short answer: of course!


The boxes are designed for modern witches to use, but more broadly for all women who want to regain power over their daily lives, develop their potential and their inner magic.


Some products in the boxes are more witchraft oriented than others but in general, they can be used by anyone (beginners as well as advanced).

And then who knows... maybe after receiving your order, you'll end up being a witch too ✨


Finally: yes, even if you don't identify as a woman, you can also be a customer of Ma Box Ensorcelée! 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼

I don't know anything about it, can I still order?

Absolutely! I created Ma Box Ensorcelée with beginners in mind. It is too easy to get lost in this vast world of witchcraft when you start to take an interest in it. My goal is to save you this hassle and guide you step by step in your discovery of the practice.

Every product always comes with explanatory sheets. Often, the boxes even have complete booklets on their themes.

Don't stress- here, you will never be alone! And if you still feel lost or have other questions, I would be happy to help you! Send me a message via the contact form or directly on Instagram @maboxensorcelee ! 🙏🏻

Questions about orders

Can I order if I don't live in France?

Yes! We offer international delivery.


On the other hand, we are not responsible for the prices of the shipping costs: we do not apply any margin on the shipping costs and therefore do not make any profit on these prices.


We are well aware that prices outside France can be (very) high and we sincerely apologize for this!


All orders are processed and shipped every Thursday.

How soon will I receive my order?

All orders are shipped every Thursday.

You will receive an email when your order has been processed with the tracking number of your package.

If you live in France, depending on the delivery option you chose, you should receive your order within 3 to 6 days after it has been shipped.

Product Questions

Are the products and boxes limited edition?

Some products are part of the shop's permanent collection.


On the other hand, it very often happens that products are created in very limited quantities and sold while supplies last. This is the case, for example, of products from seasonal collections such as Halloween or Christmas.


This allows us to regularly offer new products.


In any case, I suggest you to check out the product page to see if it is a limited edition and the number of quantities in stock!

Are candles and wax melts safe? Can I burn them around my children or my pets?

Yes! Our candles and wax melts are 100% natural, vegan and eco-friendly.


The wax we use is a non-GMO vegetable soy wax.


95% of the perfumes we use are guaranteed to be CMR-free (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic), phthalate-free and vegan.


Our wicks are either natural cotton or natural wood.


The dyes and glitter are non-toxic and harmless to the skin.


Safe for everyone, humans and animals!

Where do your crystals come from? Are they real?

All our crystals are of course natural and real!


Fake crystals have no properties, which is contrary to the purpose of lithotherapy.


I suggest you to check out the page of the crystal you're interested in because the origin is written on them for the majority.


If an origin is missing, do not hesitate to send us a message!