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Ma Box Ensorcelée

Ma Box Ensorcelée's mission is to help and support women in their discovery of spirituality on a daily basis, so that they can take the time to get to know themselves, be aligned and embrace their full potential ✨


Here, all that goes through well-being and spiritual products (candles and wax melts, sprays, lithotherapy, pendulums, runes, etc.) as well as modern witchcraft boxes to make the craft accessible to all.

Support women in their discovery of spirituality 💫

It is with this in mind that I created Ma Box Ensorcelée: to help and support women in their discovery of spirituality, so that they can take the time to know themselves, be aligned and embrace their full potential .

I hope to succeed in demystifying spirituality and witchcraft so that they are seen as tools for personal development - and no longer as Halloween stereotypes 🧙🏻‍♀️ (no shade towards Halloween, it's my favorite season 🎃)

The goal is to succeed in integrating the practice of spirituality into your daily life! No need to completely change your life to (re)connect to the Universe, you'll see 💫

Enough with the crooked nose witch!

When I got into spirituality and witchcraft, I realized that I was not really in phase with the stereotypes of "traditional" witchcraft: the witch is an old woman, with jars with corks, dark colors, a dusty and threatening house deep in the woods, drinking potions in cups set with rhinestones in front of a shelf filled with figurines of elves, dragons and other magical beings 🧙🏻‍♀️😩


I wanted to offer a more modern vision of the witch, the vision that I would have liked to find during my research, the one that I decided to embody: a woman who lives with her time, while being connected to her spirituality. 💁🏼‍♀️

  • Handmade

    Everything that can be handmade is created by us: candles, wax melts, sprays, runes, pendulums... We also create info sheets, labels, packaging...

  • Eco-friendly

    We're careful to use natural, healthy and vegan materials: GMO-free soy wax, fragrances without phthalates or CMR, recyclable and recycled packaging...

  • Caring

    Here, everyone is accepted, regardless of their gender, origins, age, religion, sexual orientation and even their "level" in witchraft. We learn together, without prejudice and with kindness!

  • Engaged

    With partners like Tree Nation, Net Zero Website or Stripe Climate, I am committed to the fight against CO2 emissions and the protection of the environment. 1 tree is planted for every order!

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Who is hiding behind Ma Box Ensorcelée? 👀

I'm Amy, nice to meet you 😎 I used to be a webdesigner and Cartesian by philosophy, I was part of the " I believe only what I see " team 👀 But thanks to my loved ones and books, I started to believe ✨ Today, lots of practices are part of my daily life : lithotherapy, astrology, intentions and affirmations, rituals... 🔮

I am supported on a daily basis by my wonderful wife, Elisa, who takes care of the resin creations. Her areas of specialty are divination and lithotherapy!