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Fondants | 14 Runes sorcières

Fondants | 14 Runes sorcières

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Tu trouveras dans ce coffret 14 fondants - chaque fondant représente une rune sorcière. Ainsi, tu peux utiliser le fondant que tu souhaites selon l'énergie que tu souhaites attirer ou repousser.

L'origine des runes sorcières est assez floue. On suppose qu'elles sont apparues entre la fin du 19ème siècle et le début du 20ème siècle, principalement en Angleterre et aux États-Unis - c'est donc un outil relativement moderne comparé à l'histoire de la sorcellerie. Les runes sorcières utilisent des symboles modernes qui sont facilement reconnaissables. Les symboles des runes peuvent être également utilisés lors de rituels et de sorts. Chaque rune a une correspondance astrologie et élémentaire.

Le coffret comprend une fiche qui te donne la signification de chaque rune.


✨ Parfum : 

  • Notes de tête : Elemi, cannelle
  • Notes de coeur : Thé noir, Vanille
  • Notes de fond : Musc, Ambre


Our wax melts are 100% vegan and eco-friendly:

  • They are made with 100% natural soy wax and guaranteed GMO-free.
  • Our perfumes are made by a family business in Grasse (recognized as the world capital of perfume). These perfumes are guaranteed without any CMR substance (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic), no phthalate and vegan.
  • We use non-toxic, irritant-free, stain-free, and skin-safe micas, liquid dyes, and glitter.
  • Our packaging is recycled and recyclable! We use 100% recyclable cardboard or plastic, made from 88% recycled plastic (this is the best option to preserve the smell of wax melts over time).

    All our wax melts are poured by hand and may therefore have slight color differences depending on the production of the day.

What are wax melts and how do I use them?

  • What are wax melts?
    They're like candles, but without a wick! Like candles, they are made of wax and fragrance, but require a burner to use.


  • How to use wax melts?
    1. Take a wax melt out of its packaging. If you have a tablet, break off one end of the tablet (like a piece of chocolate).
    2. Put your wax melt in the top part of your burner.
    3. Light a tealight candle below the top part (in the opening provided for this purpose) so that the heat melts the wax and diffuses the fragrance.
    And there you go!

    If you blow out the tealight, the melted wax in the upper container will re-harden. You can reheat the same wax melt 6 to 10 times (until the smell evaporates or you are tired of it)!

    Important: the wax does not evaporate in the air, it is normal that it remains in the burner!

    To clean your burner once the wax has hardened, light the tealight for 30 seconds to soften the underside and swipe the clump of wax to collect and throw away.
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