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Pointe | Quartz rose

Pointe | Quartz rose

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Choix de la pierre

Le Quartz rose, c'est une pierre qui apporte une énergie très douce et apaisante, ce qui favorise le calme et la paix intérieure. Il permet d'apprendre à s'aimer soi et de dépasser les énergies négatives. Il redonne confiance en soi et permet de lutter contre les chagrins d'amour. 

Dimensions et poids : (largeur x hauteur en cm)

  • 1 : 3 x 7,3cm (85g)
  • 4 : 2,8 x 8,5cm (86g)
  • 6 : 2,7 x 10,9cm (94g)

Provenance : Madagascar


All our crystals are of course natural and real!


Fake crystals have no properties, which is contrary to the goal of lithotherapy and what we want you to discover here.


In the majority of cases, the origin of the crystals is listed in its description (just above).

If an origin is missing, do not hesitate to send us a message!

⚠️ Just because a crystal comes from "China" doesn't mean it's fake or of poor quality! This is a false belief. China is a country rich in minerals and many mines are located there!

How to take care of your crystals

Crystals store energy, just like us: they need to be purified and recharged.

The frequency of purification and recharging depends on how often the crystal is used. The more a crystal is used, the more it will have to be taken care of.

Without purification and recharging, the crystal will no longer be able to offer you its healing properties and will be useless. They must be given the opportunity to recharge their batteries!

Safest way to go for all crystals:
- Purification: Put the crystal in the smoke of an incense.
- Reloading: Place the crystal on a Flower of Life (sacred geometry) or in the moonlight.

⚠️ Some crystals can't stand water, sun, salt... If you choose other purification and recharging methods, research what your crystal prefers!

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Customer Reviews

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Pointe de quartz rose

La pierre est magnifique tout simplement. Colis reçu rapidement et très très bien protégé et plein de petites attentions qui font grandement plaisir. Il y a une carte explicative pour chaque pierre et un fondant de cire qui sent merveilleusement bon hummm un vrai bonheur d'ouvrir mon colis 😍🥰